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Programming Language Implementation

Enhancing the optimization in the compiler is often the cheapest way today to improve the performance of your product. As hardware manufacturers are no longer able to deliver Moore's law level improvements for existing computer architectures, future performance improvements must come through the use of more exotic architectures. These new approaches require better optimization techniques to detect and utilize the inherent parallelism in the computer program.

NaturalBridge has designed and implemented a number of high performance optimizing compilers for programming languages. Our principal partner was one of the original designers of static single assignment (SSA) form. These techniques have been a crucial part of every commercial-grade optimizing compiler developed in the last 20 years. Our principal and our company have played an active part in the acceptance and practical application of these techniques. NaturalBridge used SSA in its production-quality Java implementation for large server applications. This and other projects have given us a particular expertise in developing and applying optimization techniques.

Our experience enables us to quickly identify and resolve performance problems. We are capable of developing and modifying available techniques efficiently and effectively.

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